36 months up to 5 years

Our preschool program is designed to promote three key factors in your preschooler: foundational academics, self-confidence, and social interaction. Drawing from Creative Curriculum and Zoo Phonics, the classroom delves into studies of math, science, weather, community, and reading. Zoo Phonics introduces upper case letters and beginning reading lessons as the students are ready and showing interest in more advanced literacy. Furthermore, handwriting is introduced as children learn letter shapes. A key element to our Preschool Program is that teachers tailor lesson plans to the classes’ interests. In other words, it is ensured that children will always be engaged in lesson plans and play-based activities because they inadvertently design them! Beyond lessons, your child is encouraged to expand their learning by talking about feelings, friendships and social interactions through play.

Program Features Include:


  • Creative Curriculum studies in 6-8 week increments

  • Play based experiences to develop social and problem solving skills

  • Zoo Phonics with more reading and handwriting involvement

  • Bible stories, Scriptures, praise songs, and prayer

  • Observation collections that reflect your child’s progression

  • Language

  • Social Emotional Coaching

  • Music