Educational Philosophy

Merritt Academy believes the most effective learning for young children comes through playing. Children are able to excel when their curiosity is encouraged and guided by the right teachers. Our knowledgeable, nurturing teachers ensure to create a joyous and safe learning environment by developing the following areas in your child’s life:

  • Intellectual: Building confidence and curiosity through exploring and using hands-on activities.

  • Physical: Developing hand-eye coordination, large and small muscle coordination, and gross and fine motor skills through age-appropriate exercises.

  • Social/Emotional: Understanding the whole child allows each child to feel safe and have a sense of belonging by encouraging participation in group activities and cooperation with others.

  • Spiritual: We thread God’s Word into our weekly program through Bible stories, Scriptures, praise songs, and prayer.

  • Creative: Exploring arts and craft materials; and using them in new and individual ways.

Each attribute is carefully addressed in every creative lesson plan and activity. Our classrooms are set up with distinct learning areas: blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, library, discovery, sand and water, and music and movement. This configuration encourages self-constructed learning by students of all ages.