Early Preschool

24 months up to 36 months

This classroom is designed for older toddlers to focus on skills such as: potty training, lining up, recognizing names and social emotional vocabulary. This classroom continues the language program introduced in the Toddler Program while also providing opportunities for more advanced language and interpersonal skills development. Zoo Phonics ­­­– an award-winning animal-based alphabet learning system ­­­– becomes more prevalent in this class while the children are starting to recognize the letters and their names. Group readings are implemented to further develop the child’s interest in reading. In addition to the more advanced academics, potty training is a large part of this classroom as the children are getting ready for Preschool.

Program Features Include:


  • Daily small group instruction

  • Creative Curriculum

  • Observation collections that reflect your child's progression

  • Potty Training

  • Bible stories, Scriptures, praise songs, and prayer

  • Language

  • Zoo Phonics